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Lehigh Valley's Best 24 hour gym

Pennsylvania's Best

After years of providing nutrition and training services to successful and satisfied physique competitors, athletes, and individuals seeking to improve their health and body composition, Unrivaled opened its doors to a brand-new facility in February of 2022. The facility provides a space and opportunity to offer an array of services that collectively contribute to achieving and sustaining an improved state of health and fitness.


Unrivaled Nutrition + Training is committed to taking into account YOU, the individual. With the health and fitness industry becoming increasingly oversaturated with cookie-cutter programs, fad dieting, and misinformation, we strive to stand apart by providing calculated, evidence-based approaches to helping you achieve your specific health and fitness goals.


  • Our facility provides new, top-notch training equipment to be available for use 24/7.


  • Our staff is certified, educated, and well-versed in exercise science and nutrition.


  • Our community is respectful, uplifting, and driven to accomplish their goals.

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We offer something unique, and our facility takes great pride in the services we provide. Too many facilities offer the same "cookie-cutter" programs to their clients. We do not do that. We take individuality into account, and create nutrition and training plans that are optimized to suit an individual's specific needs/goals. We do not cut corners, and we strive to deliver the best services to our clients.

Hellertown's Best
24 Hour Gym & Fitness

  • Open Gym Access

  • Personal Training

  • Coaching Services

  • Small Group Fitness

  • Training Programs

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • TrainHeroic

  • Tons of Equipment

  • Clean Facilities

  • Open 24/7

  • Bodybuilding

  • Powerlifting

  • Weightlifting

  • Sports Training

  • Balance & Mobility

  • Weight Loss

  • Cardio Health

  • Technique Refinement

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • & Much More!

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